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Year 3

Curriculum Overview 2020-21



We used natural ingredients such as berries, beets, charcoal and turmeric for making paint.  Can you identify the animals in these replicas of Stone Age Cave paintings?



Police Visit


Year 3 finished their Heroes and Villains topic by finding out about real life heroes. Four members of the police came to the school and talked to the children about their jobs. The children had lots of interesting questions for them. They got to try on the uniform, listen to the siren and get into the police car. 

Year 3 Playground trip


Year 3 started their science topic about forces with a walk to a local playground. We explored gravity with a parachute and balls, friction with a range of objects and a slide and push/pull on playground equipment. Despite a little rain the children had great fun exploring the forces in the local park. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to join us on this trip.