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Year 1 Healthy Living Week

Healthy Week

Year 1

26-29 March 2018


Cross-curricular activities planned

Making healthy plates

Creating a healthy salad

Year group Intra

Bollywood Dancing

Change 4 life with Disney activities


  • We had the opportunity to make a healthy salad. We explored and discussed the names of the different vegetables and the importance of a healthy diet.
  • We had the opportunity to taste different salads and write an evaluation on the likes and dislikes we tasted.
  • We used paper plates and pictures of different foods to create a healthy plate. We discussed our choices with a talking partner and discussed why some of the foods were healthy or unhealthy.
  • We took part in the Change 4life Disney activities. These were 10 minute activities based on Disney films where we had to complete exercises or games as a group.  We really enjoyed these activities!
  • At the end of week, we took part in synchronised Bollywood dance and learnt all about Holi.

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