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We are a dedicated and supportive staff who have high expectations of the children; We are always willing to go above and beyond to help them achieve the best that they can be.



Be the best you can be!



Foxdell Primary School

Infant Site

Across Primary

Junior Site


Mrs R Nisar

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R Hilton

Mrs J Tetteh

Mrs M Ajayi

Assistant Headteacher 

Miss K Turney (2 days) Local Authority Consultancy Support

Finance Manager

Mrs C Rhodes

Mrs K Harper

Office  ManagerOffice and Systems ManagerMrs M Bland

Mrs K Harper

Data / Admissions / AttendanceClerical AssistantMrs A Maher
Mrs S AsgharFinance/ Admin Assistant  

Senior Family Worker

Mrs T Fatima

 Family Workers

Mrs A Ahmed

Mrs R Rahman

Well Being Support Officer

Mrs J Khan

Mrs S GeorgeClerical / Welfare AssistantMrs J Weston


Miss V Spencer

Mrs N MurnaneLearning Supervisor/Thrive Practitioner

Mr P Blunt (Sports Coach)


Premises Manager

Mr R Louw

Mr S Cook

Site Agent (Foxcubs Nursery)

Site Agent (Foxdell Infants- Relief)

Mr M LouwSite Agent Mr R Louw


Year Group Leaders

Mrs N Dewji EYFSYear 3

Mrs R Hilton

Mrs R NisarYear 1Year 4Mr M Hussain
Mrs M AjayiYear 2Year 5Mr R Kerr
 Year 6Mrs C Lassman

Head of Subject

Mrs M AjayiComputing / ITMr R Kerr
Mrs S LombardiPEMrs R Begum
Mrs S KendrickScience (STEM)Ms N Noor
Mrs N DewjiREMrs P Benford

Mrs J Beeson


Mrs C Lassman

Mrs E Zoughi-Lantai (Support) MathematicsMr J Philbin - Primary
Miss N CormackMusicMrs A Bashir
Mrs E CerchezArt & DTMrs S Clark
Mrs J AhmedPSHE


Mrs E Zoughi-lantaiHumanities

Mrs C Popa

Mrs A DrewEco SchoolsMrs A Bashir
Mrs H JonesSchool CouncilMr M Hussain
Mrs R NisarAssessmentMrs R Hilton
Mrs A DrewLanguage of the MonthMrs A Bashir

Year Group Leaders

PhonicsYear Group Leaders
 FrenchMr M Hussain
Mrs J BeesonEALMrs G Shaheen
Mrs R NisarValuesMrs R Nisar

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Ahmed Mr J Philbin
Mrs M Ajayi

Mrs C Lassman

Mrs E CerchezMiss R Begum
Mrs N DewjiMiss P Benford
Mrs A DrewMrs S Clark
Mrs S KendrickMr M Hussain
Mrs S LombardiMrs A Khan
Mrs J TettehMrs G Shaheen
Mrs E Zougi-LantaiMs N Noor 
Mrs S KausarMrs C Popa
Mrs J Beeson Miss V Spencer
Miss C CormackMrs A Bashir
 Mrs S Younis
 Mr P Blunt
 Mrs F Shaheen
  Mr R Kerr

Teaching Support Staff


Mrs H Jones

Mrs R Kausar (Tue-Thu- am)

Mrs A Asghar (Tues- Thurs- all day)

HLTAs/Cover Supervisors


Mrs G Bhatia

Mrs N Ilyas

Mrs F Khanom (CS- Tues-Thurs)

Mrs N Siad


Miss T PeekTeaching Assistant SEN / EAL 

Mrs S Begum- SM Y3

Mrs N Bi- SM Y4

Mrs F Bukhari- SG Y5

Mrs S Choudhury- HK Y6

Mrs A Shah- MB Y5

Mrs S Raja- EH Y4

Mrs K Malik- AA Y4
Mrs R BegumTeaching AssistantsMrs S Ahmed
Mrs R BiMrs R Poly
Mrs D ChoudhuryMrs M Aftowicz

Mrs S Hussain

Ms J Suthakaran
Mrs A Hussain 
Mrs N Murnane 
Mrs H Mughal 
Mrs A Asghar 
Mrs S Zaman 
Mrs S Jamil 
Mrs S Watts 
Mrs N AliEarly Years Assistant 

Lunchtime Staff


Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Cook
Mrs S Akhtar

Midday Supervisor


Mrs N Rizwan

Mrs R Ashton

Mrs K Akhtar

Mrs P begum

Mrs H Chohan

Mrs P Ahmed

Mrs F Jamil

Mrs N Fatima

Mrs S Kobir

Mrs Y Ahmed

Mrs F Kausar

Mrs R Khalil

Mrs S Parveen

Mrs K Ahmed

Mrs M Rahman

Mrs N Fazal

Mrs S Rashid
 Mr S Cook
 Mrs K Hussain
 Mrs S Azim 

Cleaning Staff

 Senior CleanerMrs L Cook
Mrs N ShaukatCleaners
Mrs I Khan
Mrs I AzizMrs A Sivapragasam
Mrs R KhalilMrs F Kausar
Mrs S AkhtarMrs S Shaukat
Mrs N BegumMrs M Khan

Kitchen Staff 

Employed By Aspens

Mrs R Fatima

Kitchen Manager

Mrs W Baker

Miss S Dube

General Kitchen Assistant

Mrs F Parker
Mrs S KaneMrs Y Begum


Paper copies of information on this website are available upon request.