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Swifts Archive 2017/2018

Teacher – Mrs S Lombardi (4 days)

Early Years Assistant- Mrs C Kilsby

Teaching Assistant –Mrs R Begum (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Miss I Begum (Mon, Fri)

February 2018

Demi from ‘Wild Science’ came to visit Swifts to show us some of her amazing animals! We had the opportunity to touch and handle some animals. There were some reptiles, like ‘Leo the lizard’ which we have learnt was one of the cold blooded animals. We also stroked a mammal, a lopped ear rabbit which was furry and a warm blooded animal.

T- “The millipede got lots of legs and tickle”

A- “The snake tastes the air with his tongue”

Jan 2018

We arrived at school to find our class was in darkness! We were told that a few nocturnal animals had sneaked into our class and that it was our ‘secret mission’ to find them all! We worked in groups, using tick sheets to record the animals that we found.

Amira, said “It was really fun! We had torches to help us see”

Awais, said “I found a spiky hedgehog”

During our first weeks in reception, we have been exploring the learning environment, we have been getting to know each other and we have also been learning our daily routines!