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We believe science for young learners is an extension of their everyday world. Children do not need to be taught how to wonder, discover and explore through play because they do it naturally. Our job is to capture those moments and facilitate their learning by providing exciting resources and opportunities that has a lifelong impact on their scientific thinking.


“I love science I like the experiments”

Child Year 1

“I liked it when we got to use the electric circuits”

Child Year 2


At Foxdell we aim:

  • To develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through a range of different experiences and understanding of the world around them
  • To develop understanding of nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiry which help them to answer questions about the world around them
  • To equip children with the scientific knowledge to link science to real life for today, tomorrow and the future.
  • To encourage children to record their observations and conclusions using a wide range of media

14th March

As part of Science week, Martin Rapley the Bug Man came to show a range of different animals to our pupils and their parents.