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Robins Archive 2017/2018

Teachers – Miss R Khanam

Early Years Assistant – Mrs W Yates

Teaching Assistant – Miss A Shah

Sports Day in Reception

Welcome to Sports Day!

What a beautiful day for us to come together and take part in some healthy competition!

The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We had a great turn out, with lots of our mums and dads coming to support us.

Robins are the champions!

The stars, the moon and the planets

The children walked up to the Junior School to view the Solar System inside a mobile planetarium. It was a super start to our new topic, What Happens When I Fall Asleep?

There were many moments that made the children gasp in awe and wonder.

“The sun is like hot lava,” said one child.

“I love the solar system,” said another child.

“That rocket is awesome,” said another child.

The children in Robins Class have been very good, and have made it onto Santa’s good list.

Santa sent his helper to give each child a present for Christmas.

The joy of receiving such gifts is clear to see!

Welcome to Robins.

We have been dressing up and playing with our friends.

We love playing with construction and building models with our friends.

We like pretend play, with telephones and babies, and in the home area.

The day the police came to Reception:

We were very lucky! We wore police hats and police jackets. We liked being police officers for the day. We looked inside a police car. We even heard the police siren! It was loud.

Walking to Dallow Downs

We went on our Autumn walk to Dallow Downs. We looked at the trees, and the changes that have taken place in autumn. The leaves fell on us as we were walking. We walked on crunchy leaves, and kicked them as we walked. We heard rustling sounds as we walked over the leaves. We listened for birdsong, but the birds were hiding from us! It was a beautiful autumnal day.

We used our imagination to talk about who could live in the woods. We were looking for the three bears and Goldilocks, but they weren’t out on their walk that day.

Making poppies

We made poppies in our classroom to remember the soldiers who have fought to make our world a better place. We watched a video which showed us the work soldiers do to help people, such as helping during floods.

Paper Aeroplanes

We made paper aeroplanes by folding paper, which we tested outside to see whose aeroplane travelled the furthest. It was a windy day but it was great fun. Lots of people threw their aeroplanes very far.

Under the Sea Drama workshop

We had a fantastic start to the term when Hannah came to our school and shared a story about being under the sea. We met a friendly dolphin and a scary shark. We swam and we danced like we were under the sea.

Reading with parents

Our mums and dads came to our classroom and shared books with us. It was lovely to spend time with them and we shared our favourite stories