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Reception - Robins

May 2016  Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday!

Summer 1 - Pirates

Democracy was incorporated into the theme. The children had the opportunity to vote on the colours of the ship. The children also dressed up as pirates.

Summer 1- Dinosaurs

Welcome to Dinosaur World! When the children returned after the Spring break, their task was to explore a Dinosaur Crime Scene. Various questions were explored such as: How did the dinosaurs enter the class? Why did the dinosaurs choose Robins? Will the eggs hatch?

Spring 2 - Spring and Growing 

Robins explored the various parts of a plant. The children created a flower using fresh vegetables. This activity was integrated with healthy eating. They enjoyed eating the healthy snack.

Spring 2 - Easter Hat Parade and Easter Activities

Spring 1 - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children were instructed to complete a game or puzzle by working collaboratively, turn- take and negotiate.