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Reception Healthy Living Week


 Healthy Living Week

26-29 March 2018

Our cross-curricular activities for the week!

Intra Sport Competition

We worked together to see how many times we could complete an activity in 1 minute. Scorers recorded the number of times we ran, jumped, travelled on, over and through equipment. We felt our heart rate before, during and after each event. We felt our heart beat to see how fast it was beating after we had been running and “we discovered that we were hotter.”

Azwer, “Our blood pumps faster when we are running.”

Aliyah, “Exercise is good for you.”


We learnt about good hygiene and the importance of washing and wearing clean clothes. We bathed a baby to clean them from head to toe, brushed teeth to ensure that we cleaned all of them for at least two minutes and discussed the importance of having the right amount of sleep and a bedtime routine. 

Healthy Diet

We discussed the importance of a healthy diet. We made fruit kebabs, and people out of fruit on paper.  We spoke in talking partners about good foods that keep us healthy and develop our strong bones and muscles. We also talked about foods that were unhealthy!

Amira, “Sweets are not healthy.”

Hareem, “I like fruit. It tastes sweet and it is healthy.”

Other activities that we took part in-

We planted some healthy beans and talked about healthy and unhealthy food.

We were able to ask questions about where food comes from and how we get our food.

We attended a Healthy Food Assembly and learnt about drinks that were not good for us because they were full of sugar!

We went out on the big playground to play a range of sports and games and developed different skills. We played team games, which was fun.

We were involved in the whole school song and dance for Sport Relief 2018 and had the opportunity to take part in a planned routine dance!

Sports Relief Song