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R.E. Archive 2013-2016

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Community Interfaith Workshop November 2016 - Theme: Peace and Friendship


Parents and carers were invited to come and learn together with their children. Visitors came to run sessions and then parents were invited to come and share lunch at St Peters' Community Church hall.  Parents and children enjoyed sharing quality time together and the day was filled with smiles all round!  More parent workshops are planned so look out for future dates. All welcome.

Easter Celebrations 

Rev Kesterton started off the day by introducing the story of Easter to the children and their parents. The whole school assembly was very enjoyable particularly when Ms Abbot got her feet washed! Mrs Jones had organised an Easter Bonnet Parade which was fascinating some very creative ideas! The children were very proud of showing off their bonnets.

Easter Bonnet Competition

St Patricks Day 

The children had a visit from St Patrick from the Irish Union. They were amazed by his costume and had lots of interesting questions to ask. The celebrations continued at lunchtime where the dinner staff had arranged some traditional Irish food and dressing up in costumes. A special thanks to Trish and all her team for a memorable lunch time.

St Patricks Day


Foxdell Infant School, was very fortunate in hosting a Holi Festival on Thursday 24th March 2016. Holi is traditionally known as the ‘Indian Festival of Colours’. During Holi Hindus celebrate the ending of winter and the coming of spring by showering each other with bright coloured powder; they throw coloured powder onto friends and family to make them colourful. 

Mrs Dewji and Ms Khanam organised a choreographed Bollywood Dance Workshop performed by K’Z Dance Entertainment. The children had the opportunity to learn dance moves throughout the day in specialised workshops. 

The children danced to the songs ‘We Twist’ and ‘Jai Ho’ learning some impressive moves! “I could not believe how well they remembered their routine Foxdell has some very talented dancers!” said Mrs Dewji (RE Coordinator). 

At 2pm the whole school gathered in the playground for the Grand Finale. Eventhough, there were some rain showers the mood was not dampened. The children and staff danced to some very catchy Bollywood music led by the very energetic Kalpesh of K’z Entertainment. Finally, the anticipation was over the Holi celebrations started dusting the playground with vibrant colours. There were many happy faces and the children could not believe they were allowed to throw powdered paints at each other. Abu Zarr 7 said “This is so much fun, are you sure I can throw this?” 

Ms Justine Abbott (Head Teacher) said “Today’s event will be one memory the children will carry forever.” 

Last but not least a special thanks to Om group member Payal Gaglani Bhatt for supporting Foxdell with this event.


What a busy Autumn term it has been for RE at Foxdell. These are some of our highlights…

Khaayal Theatre


On the 17.12.15 we were very fortunate in having Eleanor Martin from a multi -award winning theatre and drama education company to perform at Foxdell.

 Khaayal Theatre performed a story telling session on the Tales of Wisdom. The children were thoroughly inspired by the stories they heard and actively joined in.

Diwali Workshop


On the 26.11.15 Foxdell celebrated Diwali.  The children were able have a go at stick dancing and also make Rangoli patterns. The hall was filled with lots of colour and excitement. The staff to were able to participate eventhough some of the steps were very tricky!

Payal Bhatt and Vikas Acharya coordinated the event with support from our very own midday supervisor Mrs Yadav! She made a beautiful Rangoli pattern in the hall.

A very special Diva competition was set where the children were able to decorate a clay pot at home with their parents.

Some very creative masterpieces were made. Well done to all those who participated. It was truly a difficult competition to judge after a lot of deliberation Payal Bhatt chose a winner from each year group.


The winners for the Diva Competition were as follows:

Shan (Badgers), Tania (Ladybirds) and Zaryan (Robins)



Inter-faith Week


RE creative workshop and lunch at St Peters Church.

On the 17.11.15 we worked with near neighbours to host an RE creative workshop. A huge thank you to, Revd Kesterton and the volunteers of St Peters Church, not forgetting Ruth Bullock and Husna Rasul for their tremendous support.

The theme for the day was light in faiths, the children and parents were able to get creative and messy together thoroughly enjoying the activities. These are some of the comments received on the day.


Parent – Nizat Malik: “This is a great way for getting the kids involved from an early age so they are aware of different faiths as they are growing up, which is really important nowadays and they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Lots of smiling faces!”


Fatima (Age 6): “I really enjoyed the painting with mummy and learning.”


Shan (Aged almost 7!): “The best bit was making candles and learning about different religions.


Rehana Saddique (Staff): “With all the negativity in the world at the moment, it’s nice to celebrate the positive within our community.”

Eid- Ul- Adha

On the 12.10.15 we celebrated Eid- Ul- Adha. This assembly was led by Discover Islam. The children enjoyed actively engaging with this and even got to role play Hajj using a prop for the Kaaba. They had many questions for our speakers and were able to share how they celebrated Eid. Once again thank you to our guest speakers for an inspiring assembly.

Harvest Festival


On the 8.10.15 Foxdell hosted our Harvest Festival, this year it was decided to work in conjunction with Crisis Aid and to donate food boxes to support Syrian Refugees.

Once again we were overwhelmed by the generous participation of our parents we collected over 200 boxes!

A warm thank you to, Revd Kesterton from St Peters Church and Omar Provencal from Crisis Aid for enabling this event to take place. 


Still image for this video

Christingle Assembly


On the 14.12.15 Foxdell held a special service to celebrate Christmas. The children made their very own Christingles. The highlight of celebration was the lighting of the Christingle candles under dimmed lights - a moment filled with awe and wonder for children and adults alike. 

Collections were made to help support The Children’s Society, so that they can keep working with some of the country’s most disadvantaged children.

Bible Talk with Revd Kesterton


Bible Talk Revd Kesterton came in to talk about the Bible to Year 2 children. He discussed both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The children had lots of interesting questions for the Revd, as they had been learning about this in their RE lessons.

Assemblies about Judaism

Mrs Schwei came in to talk to Years R and 1.  The children in Year R learnt about what Jewish people believe in, some of their special objects, symbols and festivals. The children in Year 1 listened to the Jewish story of Rebekah and reflected on how kindness and generosity bring their own reward.

Assemblies about Hinduism

Dr Vikas Acharya and Bipinbhai came in to talk to Years R and 2.  The children in Year R learnt about what Hindus believe in and some of their special festivals.  The children in Year 2 learnt about a Mandir and why it is special to Hindus.


Year 2 Talk about a Church

Revd Kesterton came in to talk to Year 2 about All Saints Church.  He explained why a church is a special place for Christians, its special objects and symbols, and how the building is used.  


Gift Boxes for children in Syria


A huge thank you to all our parents and their children who took the time to make a gift box to be given to a child in Syria this Eid.  Your gift boxes filled with happiness and a lifelong memory will put a SMILE on a child’s face.  Through your generosity and kindness, we collected a massive 70 gift boxes!

Mrs Malik came in to collect the boxes and say thank you to the children.  We are especially proud to have received a certificate of appreciation from Crisis Aid.

Easter Assembly

On Wednesday 25th March, Revd Emma Young came in to talk to the children about why Christians celebrate Easter.  Our kitchen staff joined in with the Easter festivities! A big thank you to all the parents who attended the assembly.


Miss Mitchell took some of the children from the Green Team to St Peter’s Church to help Revd Kesterton pick up litter.  The children enjoyed helping the church as part of their invaluable role in the local community by developing a better environment for everyone to enjoy.  Revd Kesterton was very grateful for our help and said he was impressed that our children had made such a tremendous difference in a short time.  Well done to the children!

Religious Education Quality Mark 
We are proud to announce that Foxdell Infant School has been awarded ​Bronze Status in the Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM) Scheme, for developing effective, challenging and enjoyable approaches to learning in RE; this achievement was recognised and given by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales.






A big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all those who took part in our Faith Card Competition.  The response was outstanding and the range of creativity to embrace all faiths was fantastic!

In reception, first place was awarded to Kacper in Swifts; second place to Yusuf in Swifts and third place to Amelia in Swifts.  In Year 1, first place was awarded to Rayyan in Dragonflies; second place to Zahra in Dragonflies and third place to Usmaan in Dragonflies.  In Year 2, first place was awarded to Jasmine in Squirrels; second place to Bisma in Badgers and third place to Marwah in Badgers.  A special prize was awarded to Ali in Squirrels for his fantastic cube card incorporating some of the major faiths.


Well done to all the children and their parents for taking part.