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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Summary

Foxdell Schools Federation COVID-19 Risk Assessment Summary

Foxdell Schools Federation COVID-19 Risk Assessment Summary


The Foxdell School Federation is committed to the safety of its pupils, staff and wider community in these exceptional times. With this in mind we have assessed the potential risks, and here you will find the risk assessment summary for September 2020.


Foxdell Schools Federation Covid-19 - Safety Plan September 2020

(Information for families)



Arrival and Departure

  • Main school gates only for entry using a one way system (in via the car park gate and out via the pedestrian gate) Infant School

  • Y3 & Y5 enter and exit by the main gate Y4 & Y6 enter and exit via park gate

  • Pupils only enter school building. 

  • Y3 parents can collect from the car park

  • Parents of Y4 – Y6 cannot enter the site. (Junior School)

  • Only one parent/carer to drop and collect.

  • Communication with the school must be via email or phone.

  • Senior Leadership team at the gates before and after school 

  • Gate opens at 8.30 am for allocated vertical bubbles groups. No entry onto school grounds until 8.30 am. Other vertical bubbles can only arrive at their specified time. 

  • Children arriving at other times cannot enter the school grounds until it is their time (unless agreed with the school) (Are children in years 3 & 5 going in early like years 4 & 6 to stop parents congregating?)

  • Pupils go straight to their classroom. 

  • All staff and children have their temperature checked at the beginning of each day.


  • 2 metres between staff at all times.

  • 2 metres between staff and pupils where possible.

  • 2 metres between pupils at all times where possible.

  • Parents must also maintain 2 metres between each other when collecting their child. 


  • Suspension of the use of Coat hooks  and / or lockers – coats kept on child’s chair

  • To ensure maximum distancing at all times lunch breaks will be staggered.

  • Classroom furniture arranged to ensure maximum spacing.

  • Same seat in the class bubble each day.

  • If pupils currently have a mobile phone (Y6 only) they can bring this each day and must take it home each day.  The device must be switched off and placed in a tray under their desk. 

  • Each class bubble is a maximum of 30 pupils plus teacher and an additional member of staff. (unless there is an additional 1:1 in class)

  • Sanitiser available in the classroom and correct hand washing ensured, soap will be available plus paper towels in toilet areas. 

  • Use of group physical activity indoors is not permitted. Each bubble to be provided with a ball/basic equipment which stays with that group and is sanitised each day.


  • Sanitiser available in classrooms, office areas and staffroom.

  • Disinfectant spray used regularly on surfaces and left for 30 seconds before wiped off. Spray bottles in classrooms and paper towels in toilets.

  • Correct hygiene procedures with pupils revisited daily.

Break Times

  • Children will eat in their classroom in their class bubble.  

  • Tables/chairs sanitised. (This is not happening)

  • Cutlery (wrapped in napkins) to be placed on tables and children to be served at the tables. 

  • Ensure hand washing before and after eating. 

  • Children who are bringing in packed lunch must keep this with them stored under their desk.  It must be taken home each day and sanitised. 

  • No sharing food or drink. 

  • Playground areas zoned, bubbles given allocated space/time for their break.

  • No sharing of sports balls or equipment.

  • No contact games e.g. tag

  • Staff will work with pupils about what are appropriate activities.

  • Staff cannot mix with other bubbles and must supervise children in their own bubble. 

General Safe Practices

  • Vertical bubbles (one class from each year group) ensures that children only interact with the children in their class. 

  • Pupils to have their own drink bottle - drinking fountains closed.

  • One (Two) student will be allowed in the toilets at a time.

  • Furniture disinfected each day.

  • Any sick children will be sent home – tested and result shared with school.  

  • No staff will be at school if health compromised

  • Pupils to be issued with stationery that is not to be used by any other person.

  • School landline phones cleaned and limited use to specific people.

  • Children can only bring water bottle, reading book, coat and lunch box to school.  No bags or other equipment can be brought in or out of school.  

  • Reading books will be left in trays for 48 hrs before they can be touched or changed.


Infant School only

Junior School only

Federation wide