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Eco Schools

Walk to school week


Year 1 had a great time walking to school. Many of us took the opportunity to join the walking buses on or near Dallow Road. We also enjoyed competing against each other as each class walked around the block waving at the neighbouring residents as they cheered us on! 

Butterflies Class were the winners and they are very proud of their achievement 😊


Year 2 really enjoyed Walk to School Week. Lots of children tried hard to walk to school every day in order to keep themselves healthy. We had a year group competition to see who could walk around the local area in the quickest time. Well done Hedgehogs, you were our winners.

At Foxdell we have a 'Green Team.'

We work together with our school to look after our school, our community and our world.

At school we are focussing on Recycling, Electricity and Water.

We are finding ways to:

  •  Recycle more
  • Stop wasting electricity
  • Be more careful when using water


We also hope to do things for our community and our world.

Please have a look at what we are doing and see if you can help to.

Class Child's name
Swifts Saffa
Robbins Shan
Wrens Ibraheem
Butterflies Zakariya
Dragonflies Khadeeja
Ladybirds Eesha
Badgers Hashim
Squirrels Amina
Hedgehogs Victoria

Our Eco-code...

Be green


Bike or walk to school

Electricity should not be wasted


Get gardening

Re-use and recycle

Everyone should pick up litter

Eat healthy

Never waste water


Can you be green?





Eco Games!







Paper copies of information on this website are available upon request.