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The Computing Curriculum


As a school, we recognise the need to equip our children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. We aim to ensure that pupils become digitally literate, able to use and express themselves and develop their ideas through computing technology at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in an increasingly digital world.

Computing is taught as a subject in its own right and is also used across the wider curriculum. Pupils have access to an ICT Suite containing PCs and laptops, year group iPad sets and laptop trolleys for classroom use. In Computing lessons, pupils spend one lesson per week following a structured and progressive programme. The Computing curriculum is tailored to pupils needs, using core resources such as the Knowsley CLC scheme of work and online site like Barefoot Computing and ScratchED. Learners are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills including content creation, data handling and collaborative working using a range of different devices.

Seesaw is a core tool used across the school to capture and record pupil's learning. In addition, upper school learners have Google accounts and are able to use the wide range of tools included within Google Education both at school and at home.

Across the curriculum pupils are encouraged to apply their computing skills to support learning which can be in the form of research, recording of work or creation of resources to reinforce and extend learning.

Online Safety is an important aspect of all work involving technology and pupils are regularly taught how to stay safe on-line and what to do when they have concerns. All access to the internet is filtered using RM Safetynet to ensure that pupils stay safe and secure when working in school.



June 2019

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