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Butterflies Sports Day 2021

After a quick change, Butterflies started their sports day.  


Daria who started today had a great start joining in with every activity. 


We started with Speed bounces, 1 min timer with 5 taking part each time, the winners with average  of 70 were Rayyan, Lorenzo and Leelu ( hard to count bounces and time plue marshall but we had a  go. 


The long bean bag throw was an amazing event , a picture to show who my top 4 throwers were to  follow. 1st Yousuf, 2nd Talia and joint 3rd Rayyan and Izzan 


At this point special mention to Kacper and Maria for trying so hard. 


Then we did Bean bag into hoops, 2 distanced hoops worth one or two points- 5 bean bags. Winners  Bianca-10 ponts full score! Yousuf 6 then Kacper got 4!!! 


The racket with a bean bag bounce was won by Fatima, 30 in a row in the minute. Then Maria with  20 then joined 3rd Zarwa and Julia with 17. 


The uni hoc speed trial was close, Lorenzo in 21 seconds, Fatima in 24 sec and Taj-Roha in 25  seconds. 


The star jumps was fast, the following continued for the whole minute- full stars about 40 each  Fatima, Talia, Yousuf, Julia even Kacper did about 10 


We finished with our speed walk egg and spoon ( bean bag on racket) In three teams of 9/8/8 for the  following winners Maria/Fatima, Rayyan then Zarwa/Izzan. 


I really hope the other two classes have the same fun we did with a differentiated Sports Day with  the full Foxdell spirit of supporting each other. Thank you Butterflies. They all deserve a great round  of applause for their team spirit, support and having fun today 


Thank you 

Mrs Drew