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Ummah Trust gift boxes

Foxdell Infants recently worked with Ummah Welfare Trust to collect money for disadvantaged children around the world. Thank you for all the generosity of family and friends of the foxdell community together you raised, £1,021.66. The money raised will help support: Solar power in Gaza, medical equipment in Gaza, disabled children in Pakistan and gifts for children in Syria.

Thank you for putting a smile on the less fortunate.


On Friday 7th June Foxdell Infants hosted their Eid Assembly led by Maqsood Anver and Abdul Gafoor from Madinah Mosque. The children learnt how to say Eid Mubarak from around the world in many different languages and were able to learn about why Muslims celebrate Eid.  They were able to discuss how their families celebrated, thinking about the concept of giving and charity. Eid Mubarak to all our families!

Foxdell's Artwork for Discover Islam

Children from Year one and Year two took part in an Art completion led by Mrs Jones. The task was to create a special place of worship that was important to the children. They truly created a masterpiece which is now displayed in the Luton Islamic Discovery Centre. Well done children for your lovely artwork! A big thank you to Mrs Jones for supporting this activity.

Chinese New Year

The children celebrated Chinese New Year by having a themed lunch. All classes engaged in Chinese activities throughout the afternoon. Reception children made a giant dragon and some colourful lanterns.



Our Hanukkah assembly was led by Mrs Schwei of Luton Synagogue; she told the children the story of the miracle oil. The children were able to see a menorah light up and play with a dreidel. The assembly was enjoys by both the children and staff. Thank you for helping us learn about this important Jewish Festival.


The children are busy preparing their Christingles for the Christmas assembly. It was so hard to resist temptation to eat the delicious sweets! In the hall it was magical when they lit their candles and sang the annual Christingle hymn.

Christmas Class Party

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas at Foxdell!  We had a party there was lots of dancing, games and delicious food.  We even had a surprised visit from Father Christmas! We got some lovely books for our book corner we cannot wait to read them!