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“I like being a school councillor because I can work with the teachers. I am more confident now and proud of myself and I love attending the meetings.” Khadja 4CP


School Councillors

Foxdell Councillors are a strong, confident group of children who have been elected by their peers. This group of amazing children are always keen to give up their personal time for the benefit of the school. Very often they plan and discuss ideas to develop and improve the school further. They feel that their school responds to their views and that they have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions. Children at Foxdell feel that they have a say about decisions that may affect them, they have an active role in making their school better.

Being a school councillor also allows children to develop life skills through participation.


“It was an honour to be elected by my peers and then to represent 4CP. I am always keen give my time to help the school improve.” Thelha 4CP


School Council has been involved in several different projects…

· School Council launched their first mission called “Put Adults First!” The idea was that children showed respect and kindness by allowing adults to pass/move around school easily, rather than, trying to weave in and out amongst the children! The children were asked to create posters to show/encourage this. They were made in class or

at home during the half term week. This mission was a huge success!


· We have shared feedback from visitors who interviewed some members of the school council. Feedback was relayed back to classes. Our visitors were very impressed with councillors and they were very proud of themselves!


· Introduced a new task for school. “Five Star Classroom.” Cleaners award a star to tidiest classroom. Target to gain a five star class status.

Together councillors suggested then agreed on criteria for receiving a star. (Not the most successful projects as cleaners struggled to award stars).


· Composed a series of questions for a questionnaire regarding review of homework. Then the children presented it to their classes. The results were scrutinised and changes were made to the way homework was set. (Homework set in various different ways. Children can now choose what homework to complete and no boundaries set on the way it is completed. Suit child’s individual needs.


· Relayed a message back from the school cook on no chips just pizza on Fridays, as both are

carbohydrates. How would all the children feel about this? Overall response was chips and pizza are best served together. These both are still being served on Fridays. This is the strength of pupil voice.


· Children in Need raised £619.68. They decided that the whole school would wear yellow or dots. School council helped run cake sales, organise a raffle. Some of the classes held games and quizzes to raise money. Children also helped with selling red noses, headbands, badges and bracelets.


· Food tasting for Mrs Baker (school cook) who was entering a regional food competition. Tasting was split between the lower/upper school councillors. Mrs Baker did make some changes to her dessert recipes, (her muffins) after the tasting session.


· Helped promote recycling within their classes. Especially paper! Encouraged children and teachers to use recycling bins! Organised their classes to make posters to encourage reduction of landfill. Did also come up with the idea of a compost heap near the poly tunnel. An excellent idea which is being planned.


· Councillors wrote thank you letters to Amazon for their kind donation to the school. Children were invited to visit the Amazon Site.


· The fund raiser from the Luton and Dunstable Hospital visited. Although the school has not run any fundraising events for the hospital yet, we hope to do so at some time in the future. The school councillors then decided that it would be a kind gesture within the community to make some “Get Well Cards,” for the patients and “Thank You Cards,” for the dedicated, hardworking doctors/nurses. The whole school then made cards. These will be delivered by some of the councillors, before the end of the term.


· At the end of each term school councillors always relay a ”Keep Safe,” in the holiday’s message to their classes.


Our school council motto is, “I am just like you and every voice is heard.”


I am proud to be a school councillor because children have voted for me in 5NN. More importantly, I feel I’m the voice at Foxdell.” Eduard 5NN “I am proud to represent 6KH as my peers have elected me! I know that my voice gets heard.” Diya 6KH


“As I was elected for the role I feel I have grown in confidence. I listen to my class members and they listen to me. I am honoured to be a school councillor and I will always try my best to help make the school even better and happier!” Aisha 5AI